The Apple Store Kid Nicholi White on “Good Morning America!”…Where it all started

Apple Store Kid boom boom pow
WHAAAAAAAT! Our Boy Nicholi is blowing up! or should I say “going viral.” It wasn’t more than 5 days ago that his highest hits on youtube were coming from the Pseudo Rebels Remix of Kid Cudi Day N Nite. It was only a matter of time until he started blowing up up the internet with his no fear, breaking down right in the middle of the apple store, dance/ lip-syncing  performances now being viewed by tens of thousands. Thanks in part by being featured on Good Morning America. There’s talks of him appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show as well…WOW! Hey Nicholi, I have a great Idea. How about you tell Ellen to bring us on the show too, we perform the Kid Cudi Day and Night Remix while you lip sync = ) ?   Great work Nicholi! Don’t forget about us little guys = )

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