Black Eyed Peas and Slash kill it performing Sweet Child of Mine…plus the awesome power of Youtube

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It’s October right, so on Sunday night I was gathered with a few friends doing what all good God fearing Americans should be doing during postseason baseball, watching game 6 of the ACLS. When at 8:27 I received a text from my favorite cousin who was at the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. His beloved Dodgers having already been vanquished from the playoffs I’ll have to cut him some slack for not watching the game. Anyway, when I received his text I was suddenly filled with envy and also reminded that the Black Eyed Peas / U2 concert was being aired on Youtube.

I love Youtube! I mean I really love it. Just like cell phones and Face Book I can’t really remember what I did before it existed. How else could I sit up until 3 AM watching long forgotten music videos and seeing Storm Troopers discuss where they were when the Death Star Exploded? Let us not forget the one where the girl liquidates her bowels in the hot tub to the horror of those in there with her. On second thought I would kinda like to forget that one. There’s also that one where the Anaconda attacks the camera man and I about jumped out of my skin. For months I would show that video to people just to watch their reactions but I digress….

Hopefully by now you’ve got the point, I love me some Youtube. Well, just when I thought Youtube couldn’t get any cooler they go and broadcast the biggest concert of the year if not the decade! As much as I wish that I, along with about 30 million other people, I could have been there I do have to thank Youtube for giving me the opportunity to at least be able to get a glimpse of what was obviously an amazing show!

Thanks again Youtube!

Oh, and my cousin’s text, I quote “I’m at the U2 concert in Pasadena and Black Eyed Peas opened. Slash just appeared on stage with BEPs and played guitar while Fergie sang Sweet Child of Mine..And she ruled it! And he was AMAZING!”
Well, after seeing this video my cousin’s text is confirmed!

Please do enjoy.

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