DP3's Top 10 Hip-Hop Music Videos

I love how at the end of every year all the critics, entertainment magazines and websites release their “best of” list. Top ten best films of the year, songs, biggest news stories, or whatever, you think of it there’s a list. This is why we have the Oscars, Golden Globes, Billboard awards, heck; we even have the Razzies for the worst films. MTV has their Video awards and I’m sure VH1 and Fuse do as well.

All that to say I’ve decided to compile a couple of top ten lists myself and share them with you over the next couple of months. I’ll be counting these list down and as I do I’d love to get some feed back from you letting me know what you think I’ve missed and also maybe share any “best of” you may have.

So here we go!

I’ve decided to start with my top ten favorite hip-hop music videos.

Number 10

Jesus Walks by Kanye West.

I’m not even sure that this is my favorite KW video but it’s undeniably a great song and an excellent video. Even though I believe that many of his later efforts surpass this one in creativity and ingenuity, I can’t help but love it. Flashing Lights and All Fall Down Both come to mind as well as Heartless when discussing his best visual work. Stronger, Amazing and Love Lockdown would also have be be up there. Wow, all this from one artist in less than a decade. Even though Amazing is laced with irony you can’t argue it.
Okay, so maybe Jesus Walks is not his best song or video but it was the video that introduced me to Mr. West and for that reason it comes in at number 10.

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