DP3’s Top 5 Christmas Movies!

So we’ve all seen It’s A wonderful Life and Miracle On 34th Street a million times on TV during the Christmas season. This year I though I’d make up a list of movies that truly express the meaning of Christmas. So here is my top five Christmas movies….

#5: Black Christmas

Admittedly this is not a well made film. The plot is thinner than tracing paper and you’ll probably be able to find better acting at your local elementary school’s Christmas pageant but still, any movie about a house full of sorority sisters being killed of one by one on Christmas Eve has to be on my list.
This 1974 classic, like most great gifts kept on giving with an equally terrible remake in 2006. Wow, this is better than a fruit cake!

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

#4: Gremlins
Isn’t it great when you watch a movie you loved as a child and it holds up? As a kid I loved movies that could make me laugh and scare me at the same time. This one is still just as fun as an adult!

#3: Lethal Weapon
Yes this is a Christmas movie; watch it again if you don’t believe me.

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#2: The Ref

Cuz it’s funny!

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#1: Die Hard
Cuz Nothing says Christmas like blowing-up a building and killing terrorist.
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