DP3's Top Ten Hip-Hop Videos # 8

Okay, so what do you get when you combine Madlib and MF Doom? Madvillain of course! This video is sick! Just sick! The song by it’s self is amazing. Madlib’s beat is so smooth and more than likely a major part of the inspiration for the later MF Doom / DJ Dangermouse collaboration of Dangerdoom. Throughout the entire album Madlid seamlessly mixes a steady stream of beats and old time radio clips to perfection while MF Doom spits his quirky yet incredibly intelligent rhymes.
Doom’s lyrics are clever enough to keep the song interesting despite not having a hook. That’s no easy accomplishment. His flow is smooth and clam but he still manages to throw a few rhythmic kinks in the preverbal gears. His ability to make sure that his punch lines stand out clearly is possibly his best trait as an emcee considering that he keeps them coming one after anther.

So please do enjoy my # 8 hip-hop video….

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