I Gotta Feeling that Pseudo Rebels gonna steal your wallet!

 B-Nyce's new argyle sweater wallet

I recently realized that Pseudo Rebels talk about stealing wallets in our songs quite a bit. We’ve got “Party Anthem”  lyrics “Hey you, you know we’ve got it…Yeeeeah what, we’ve got your wallet w-w wallet in our pockets BABY!”. Next we have our brand new Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta feeling Pseudo Rebels remix” lyrics where we actually take the whole stealing wallets thing to another level “ I saw your mother….Oh she looked goooood. I stole her wallet!….I’M RICH! I guess this is the nature of a Pseudo Rebel… we love stealing wallets in our songs. Having realized this I decided it was time to get a wallet of my own. I knew just where to go. A good friend of mine recently started her own duct tape wallet company Number 9. I needed a special custom Pseudo Rebel wallet (of course) so I made a request for the very first sweater walled (I requested argyle…reminiscent of the earliest pseudo rebels style).  Funny thing is that the sweater style spurred on a whole line of sweater wallets (no surprise…sweaters are RAD!) I think I may challenge Number 9 to create the first wallet in the Pseudo Rebels new style: Vintage 80’s Cozby/totally awesome/  sweater style wallet… It’s next big thing for sure!   So, if you’re  are looking for a sweet duct tape wallet, look no further than Number 9

Here’s the fun part How it’s made

B-Nyce’s new argyle sweater wallet

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