Kimmel Gives Leno a Verbal Beat Down on Jay’s Own Show!

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Okay, so last week I already expressed my opinion on the whole Conan vs. Leno Late Night wars. For quite awhile now I’ve been a huge fan of Conan and his show. I hate to see him go and am rooting for Fox to jump in and give O’Brien another go at it.
In the mean time Jimmy Kimmel (whom I’ve always liked) took several pot shots at Leno on while doing a segment on Jay’s show last week. I’m a little surprised that Jay had him on his show to begin with seeing as how Jimmy has always been incredibly quick with the quips. If you remember Win Ben Stein’s Money then I’m sure you remember Kimmel’s witty, rapid fire replies to the show’s contestants. Also there was that whole Melissa Joan Heart thing as well.
Either way Conan will always be my favorite but in the mean time thank you Jimmy!
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