Michael Jackson: The "King of Pop" Dead at age 50

I don’t think that I have heard one bit of positive news about Michael Jackson in maybe 10 years? Now, the “King of Pop” is dead and the first e-mail that I received was a picture of little kids peaking out of a cupboards with a tag line that read ” It’s OK, you can come out now”. It’s too bad that Michael Jackson’s legacy is going to include so many skeletons. Especially since there were also so many highlights as he made his way through the pop world and changed the course of music as we know it. Here are a few…

I think everyone can remember the day they watched the “Thriller” Dance

This is the Michael that everyone fell in love with
Michael Jackson Got to Be There album cover 1971

Michael Jackson put together some of the best live performances of all time.

Thanks for all of the highlights Michael R.I.P.

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