Michael Jackson's Influence on Pseudo Rebels

Everyone has been celebrating Michael Jackson’s iconic influence on pop/dance music the last few days. And it’s been a wonderful time to reflect on the huge impact that this man had. Our new record Shut Up & Party! is influenced greatly by Michael’s work and I wanted to share a few specific examples.

“Beat It” is my first MJ memory and I just love that mysterious intro that pops in to the beat. Below is a clip from Beat It and below that is a clip from our lead-off track Janet Louise. When you listen to them both it is easy to hear the influence!

Beat It example
Janet Louise example

Another example of MJ’s influence is not only in his music but in his lyrics. PYT is the top MJ song in my house and nothing gets me more excited than right before the 1st chorus when Michael screams, only as he can “let me take it to the max!” Well when we were going over lyrics we decided that “to the max” was a phrase that needs a come back in our present time. In these next two examples you will see how he influenced us again.

PYT example
Shut Up & Party! example

These were two very specific examples and when “Shut Up & Party!” comes out in a few months I’m sure you will be able to pick out many more places where Michael lives, not only in the music of his own but in the music of everyone who has come after him.

Michael Jackson – Rest in Peace (1958 – 2009)


Here a nice video of PYT for your pleasure!

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