NEW VIDEO Featured on Apple’s QuickTime Guide

Pseudo Rebels featured on Apple's QuickTime Guide
Pseudo Rebels featured on Apple’s QuickTime Guide

We Just released our new video for new single “This Is My Mic”! The Video was directed by FR*A’s DPD, and features our boy Nicholi Favs! We snuck a flash mob of 30 friends and fans into the Apple Store at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica California. We waited till everyone got to a computer and then we all used the web cam’s to to record all of us performing to This is My Mic in the store at the same time! We actually got kicked out and lost a few peoples footage, but as you can see enough footage got uploaded that we were able to make a sweet video!

Even though the people at the Apple store didn’t appreciate our efforts that much I guess the folks at corporate liked it enough to feature the video on the QuickTime Guide page! You can watch the video below!


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