Pseudo Rebels suspended from Twitter!!! Now we know the rules….

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So being the pseudo rebels that we are we often times push the limits in the pseudo way we do.  This past week it was we pushed the limits a little too far and got ourselves suspended from twitter…more precisely I got us suspended from twitter. I neglected to read the rules… and well I got the big red suspended notice on the front of our twitter account when I logged in one day.  AAAAAAAAGH! All I was trying to do was get more followers! now I’ve got to explain to DP3 and Too Billion that I just wiped us off of the face of the most powerful social networking promotional tool available to us.

So, I quickly wrote a letter to twitter (click more):

Your request summary is:

PseudoRebels, Feb 20 10:01 am (PST):

whatever i did to get my bands account suspended I’m so sorry! please let me know how to fix this. Twitter is crucial to our Bands social networking and we need the username to function with all of the rest of our websites. We’re just a un noticed band trying to spread the word that sweater rap is back! please help me twitter. I can tell the rest of the guys that our twitter has been erased. Please HELP ME?




I’ve got to say that twitter was very helpfull the whole way through given that I had broken pretty much every rule in regards to following, spamming, what have you. What can I say, i’m a Pseudo Rebel! Anyway, all in all my account was down for about a week while the worked out my request to have the account reinstated.  In case you don’t know the rules of twitter, they are as follows as can be read in the response letter from twitter.

Twitter Response Letter With Twitter Rules:


Hi there, PseudoRebels!

This is an automated confirmation that we received your ticket. If you’re contesting a suspension, be sure to read this entire email; you will need to take further action in order to reopen your ticket.

Please be sure your account is actually suspended. You should visit your own profile page to make sure you’re suspended and not viewing another person’s suspended profile page–many people think they are suspended when they aren’t. You’ll also know you’re suspended if you log in and see a red notice announcing your suspension on your account.

Twitter primarily suspends accounts for Terms of Service violations or spam investigation. If you are suspended, it’s most likely for one or more of these reasons:

· aggressive following or follower churn (repeatedly following and unfollowing users)

· trend spamming (posting unrelated updates to trending topics to gain attention)

· misuse of the reply feature

· updates consist of links pointing to phishing sites, malware, or other harmful material

· updates consist of duplicate links and/or text

· updates consist mainly of links duplicated across multiple accounts, and not personal updates

· account identified as potentially being part of a spam cluster

· a large number of people block the profile or write in with spam complaints

Please review the Twitter Rules for a more comprehensive list:

If you feel you’ve been suspended in error, please reply to this email with a short explanation and be sure to include your username. Responding to this email will reopen this ticket and put your ticket in queue for support, but you need to reply from the address this mail was sent to. If you use an alias (such as, ensure that your reply comes from the alias address or your ticket may not be seen by our support staff. We will do our best to get back to you within 30 days.

If this did not answer your inquiry, responding to this email will reopen this ticket.

Twitter Support


…Funny thing is, I was just about to try some really crazy stuff to get tons of friends. Not even a week later my sister sent me some a great article on 3rd party twitter applications. Try them at your own risk, or on a site that you don’t care about because as you can see from my story…twitter is watching!

B-Nyce (off to cause more social network drama) PEEAAACE OUT!

P.S. Have you been kicked off of or suspended from twitter? what’s your story? did you use 3rd party applications? the dude below seems to be stacking up followers by the thousands without a peep from twitter….leave a comment with your thoughts/story/favorite 3rd party software = )

Pseudo Rebels Twitter Page

3rd Party Twitter Applications by Daniel (some dude from Etsy)


I Started to use twitter as a promotion tools a few month ago and i didn’t know how it worked and stop using it . One month ago i decided to explore twitter a little further ,at that time i was a 3000 followers .
One month later today I’m at 11000 followers and i should be at at least 17000 in about a month .
See my stats here :

It already help that i had 3000 followers to start with but you can still get a lot of followers if you follow what i did .

This is just a few steps i followed.

1. Follow up to your limit , you can follow up to 2000 at first . I follow those who follow ETSY and other big names and people with similar interest as me .
I also use this : it allows you to find people by most often twitted keywords and follow them .

I follow back everyone that follows me , this way you don’t loose them . Many will expect you to follow them back or they will stop following you.

Add yourself to twitter directories :
There’s many more directories out there . Ex : Add your Etsy shop to : Twitter business directory .

2. When you reach your follow limit , start tweeting about your craft , your work in progress , new item listed ,newly posted blog entries , interesting useful stuff that your follower will like to hear . Don’t post to many promo or you will be considered spam and you will loose follower . here you can see what is your twitter score and analyze what kind of user you are :

3. After 4 days you can purge and follow , you can mass unfollow all those who didn’t follow you back and start following new people . I use this : Then follow new people .
Repeat that about every 4-5 days . huitter as 3 times free trial limitation then you can use but its slower , only 25 at a time , it also allow you to reciprocate and mass follow . I also like

4. Check this out for more twitter tools :

Even if Twitter doesn’t recommended to use 3rd party application that requires your twitter password , The most popular 3rd party applications are used by thousands of people everyday without incident .
I recommend doing research about any site requiring password before using them to make sure it is safe .

Hope this helps , Happy twittering .
Do you have other twitter strategies ?

Daniel :

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