This Is My Mic on Apple Quick Time Guide

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Sunday November 9th, 2010
It was a typical Sunday afternoon on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, bright, sunny and packed with shoppers. Small groups of carolers dressed like characters from a Charles Dickens novel made their way through the out door mall, stopping here and there to spread holiday cheer to the shoppers getting an early jump on Christmas. There was no reason to suspect that this would be any different from every other shopping day.
But it was.
As we made our way up the Promenade toward the Apple Store I couldn’t help but wonder what our group of 30 plus people must have looked like the unsuspecting shoppers. At the center of our group was YouTube sensation Nicholifavs (AKA The Apple Store Kid) who had found a rabid online following with his lip-syncing of hip-hop videos. Then there was the Pseudo Rebels, Too Billion, B-Nyce and myself (DP3) dressed in our flashy Cosby sweaters.
At 1 PM our entire group made our way into the Apple store and began commandeering every available computer in the store. At this point neither the shoppers nor the store staff suspected anything. Within half an hour everyone in our flash mob was situated and ready to begin the assault. Without warning, from every computer in the store the Pseudo Rebels “This Is My Mic” began pumping throughout the store and the flash mob began dancing and lip-syncing to the song.
Crowds of curious shoppers began to gather wondering what was going on. And what was going on? Every person within the flash mob was logged onto YouTube recording their own person music video to the song.
Things were going great until the store manager began putting a stop to the awesomeness that was going on. I didn’t even see it coming when a hand came out of nowhere and shut off my computer before I had a chance to finish my recording. I was asked to leave by the security and soon after they began shutting everyone else down as well. Luckily a majority of our flash mob was able to save their work and log off before the store employees kicked us all out.
Bummer, right? Not at all. Fortunately we live in LA and after a quick twenty minute drive we were at the Century City Apple Store where we were able to wrap the video by repeating the process there. We even got some help by one of the employees who recognized Nicholifavs. Thanks Century City Apple Store!
One of the best and most ironic parts of the entire process was that Apple featured the video on their Quick Time Guide Music page. We knew there was a reason we loved Apple other than IPod

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