This Is My Mic

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There are so many things I love about being a Pseudo Rebel. First I get to work with two great friends on doing what I love most, making music. Second, I get to play live shows and be an idiot on stage. Plus I get to collaborate with great people like Nicholifavs “The Apple Store Kid” and DPD from FRA (Future Rock Stars of America) making music videos.

To be honest normally making a music video is hard work. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s almost always a blast but usually requires either 18 hour days or me dressing in shorts so short a Hooters girl would feel naked. However the making of This Is My Mic was one of the quickest and smoothest shoots we’ve ever had. And that’s with us getting kicked out of Apple Store before we were able to finish the video. Luck for us there’s more than one Apple Store in LA. On top of all of that Apple featured the video on their Quick Time Guide.
So please check this video and feel free to go to your local Apple Store and make a video response for us.

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