UGK IS Back! And He’s Telling Everyone To Shut Up & Party!

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I gotta say that there is nothing more exciting then having totally rad people do totally rad things with Pseudo Rebels songs. The latest instance happened today when one of our favorite social network comrades posted this full length music video featuring Pseudo Rebels album titled single “Shut up & Party”. What an honor! If you are a social networker take some time to catch up with this cool cat. He is always doing something creative on YouTube for his growing fan base and he’s always got 140 characters for you on twitter.

It’s not everyday you get to inaugurate a super fan into the club. Today UGK made his way into the ranks alongside Nicholifavs (The Apple Store Kid) who has cleared over 300K hits on 3 separate Pseudo Rebels Remixes. Be ready UGK…it wasn’t short after Nicholifavs did his Pseudo Rebels vids that he was on Good Morning America and the front page of Yahoo. Only good things happen when you Rock the party with the Pseudo Rebels. Hopefuly this is the beginning of some great collabs down the line UGK. I think you know but…sweater rap IS back.

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